Lindsay & Kyle’s Wedding Preview

As soon as I met Lindsay, I knew it was destiny. Not only did she, Holly {her maid of honor}, and I simply click like we’d always been friends, we talked each other into huge slices of delicious cake.  I mean, she has a Mucha-style tattoo on her right shoulder and the woman is holding the sword of Gryffindor, for crying out loud.  Why would we NOT get along?!

Then she told me all about her wedding, taking place in Cleveland, Tennessee, at the Old Woolen Mill, and I was hooked.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, she had a purple wedding dress.  And also a short reception dress for sitting and dancing.  She and the bridesmaids all wore Converse, and hers were Batgirl.
  • Kyle, the groom, wore a TOP HAT AND TAILS.
  • Everyone helped everyone else get ready for the day.  They were like a little assembly line, and it was awesome.
  • The theme was books with peacock colors and feathers.  And some of the books WERE A CAKE.  Completely fooled myself, my second shooter, and most of the wedding party.
  • Everyone carried a book that meant something special to them in lieu of flowers, and all the ceramic flower decorations were made by Katie, one of the bridesmaids.
  • Kyle, had a groomswoman {which is awesome}.
  • Lindsay’s dad played guitar and sang while people came down the aisle.  And he sang “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar.  You know, the song from Juno?!
  • They had a handfasting ceremony.  Then they sang “I’ll Cover You” from Rent to each other.  And read a Hafiz poem.  HAFIZ, PEOPLE.
  • They had AMAZING music at the reception, like Mika, Darren Criss {Glee}, and Hedwig & the Angry Inch.

I can’t even handle how awesome this wedding was.

I’ve always stressed how important it is to not forget who you are in all the hubbub of wedding planning.  To not lose yourselves in tulle, and matching stationary, and decorations, and last-minute EVERYTHINGS.  At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you’re married to the person you came with.  And the pictures, of course.  🙂  They did an amazing job of staying true to themselves without alienating any of their guests.

Thank you, Lindsay & Kyle.  You guys were TRULY a super-duper ultimate pleasure to work with.  We’ve never felt so much like we fit in to the party.  Thank you.

The books the bride & groom picked for their aisle walks.