Lake Lanier Engagement Session // Jack & Gary

The lake is a huge part of Jack & Gary’s life. Even before they met, the two loved the lake, and it’s also where they chose to have their wedding! So it only made sense for them to also have a Lake Lanier engagement session, as well.

Having a Lake Lanier engagement session in addition to marrying there allowed us to explore the venue in a way we wouldn’t be able to on the day of the wedding. Lake Lanier often has tons of things going on during the weekends, especially during prime wedding season, so shooting there when we knew we’d have the place to ourselves was key! This plan enabled us to go so many more places than we would be able to see on wedding day, and we had a ton of cool places to explore!

We ended the session by putting the guys in swim trunks, suit jackets, and putting them in the lake itself! The contrast was hilarious, as was each of the guys trying to splash the other without actually splashing them. I had so much fun on this session, and I can’t wait to show you their wedding, which took place just a few months later!

Thank you, Jack & Gary for playing at the lake with me!

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Raven is an Atlanta Wedding Photographer who captures real people on their totally unique and completely awesome wedding day. She travels throughout Georgia, including Athens and Dahlonega, documenting love.

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