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live on instagram, bride and groom, wedding advice, wedding photography, wedding planningHey everyone, HUGE news: I’ve started up a live series on Instagram where I discuss – okay, rant about – weddings, the industry, planning, and basically any other topics that cross my mind. If you don’t already follow me on IG, come on over and join the party!

Below, you’ll find the transcript for the first episode. See you on Insta!

Hi guys, I’m Raven and this is part of a new livestream series that I want to start doing, probably once a week. I have a lot of opinions and advice, when it comes to pretty much everything, but especially when it comes to weddings and planning those weddings. So I figured I would share those things with you. I’m not really sure what I’m going to start calling this yet, but since I’m pretty sure that they’re all going to devolve into me ranting about things, especially in the wedding industry, possibly YouAreRanting? I don’t know, we’ll play with it and workshop it and see. So anyway, so today’s mostly just an introduction and also I wanted to kind of touch base with you guys on something that’s actually been really relevant in my life recently, which is finding a photographer that you click with.

So I think that this is especially important for finding a wedding photographer specifically because they’re spending so much time with you on the day of the wedding. But for me, I was looking for somebody to do head shots for me and I think most of my clients know that I tried to get my headshots done or some sort of photo session done like once a year or so. And part of that is to remember what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera because it’s really easy to kind of forget and get complacent about, “oh, this is so easy.” Like, you know, that sort of thing. So I try to usually do it like once a year. And it’s really similar actually trying to find somebody who gets it, who understands me and what I’m going for and who doesn’t try to photoshop me later to look differently than I look or, you know, things like that.

So it was really similar for my headshots. Like, I want somebody who is going to get my brand and who is going to be able to achieve the look that I’m going for and is excited about that sort of thing. So I completely understand when it comes to like trying to find somebody for your wedding. And I think that it’s really, really important to try to remember that your wedding photographer specifically. I mean even just looking for headshots that’s like a two hour session. But your wedding photographer’s going to be with you for like eight hours on the day. That’s a long time y’all, that’s a long time to spend with somebody. Plus there’s the hours of planning before that, there’s the engagement session. And you have to remember that you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person.

So I feel like it’s kind of important that you like that person. You don’t necessarily become best friends with them, that’s totally fine. You still have to make sure that they get what you’re going for and that they have to want to achieve your goals with you. So I don’t know, I really could go on about this, but it’s my first one, so I wanted to go ahead and kind of keep it short, but next week we’ll probably talk more about that and then also kind of dive into another thing that’s also been really relevant for me. And also for a couple of people that I know who have been talking about this recently: about just body positivity in general and also specifically losing weight for the wedding, which is bullshit. It’s bullshit. But we’ll talk more about that next time. For right now I just want to kind of sign off with that thought about it being really, really important to make sure that you click with somebody, all of your wedding vendors, but especially your wedding photographer so that they can definitely go the same direction that you are, that sort of thing. Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys next week!

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