Offbeat Halloween Wedding in Tennessee // AT & DJ

If you know AT & DJ, or even saw their engagement session from a little while back, you could have guessed that their Halloween wedding was going to be anything but ordinary. They took a blank slate in the middle of Chattanooga, Tennessee and completely transformed it into the magically nerdy Halloween celebration they’d always dreamed of.

The overall style was heavily influenced by their love of all things gothic, Poe, and Harry Potter, with touches of dark romance and traditional Halloween decor. Their candy buffet was all Harry Potter-themed, with treats of all kinds from the Weasley twins. Guests were encouraged to come in costume to this Halloween wedding, and they did not disappoint! AT & DJ themselves looked like a couple out of a dark fairy tale, and they’re so much fun to be around I couldn’t get enough. They’re such delightful people and they really made their Halloween wedding a reflection of who they are, which is one of my favorite things ever. The girls in the wedding party wore capes, and the boys each had their own touches, like pointed ears and geeky ties. It was true geek chic! Their wedding programs were designed by the couple and chock full of nerdy references! They were designed to look like a newspaper from the wizarding world.

There were SO many amazing details from this Halloween wedding, but I think one of my favorite things about the wedding was their unity ceremony, in which AT & DJ slew a zombie together, symbolizing how they’d always fight by each other’s side.

Check out the images and also some wedding planning advice from the couple, plus vendor information at the end.

Most memorable moment from your wedding day?

Seeing him for the first time that day.

Funniest moment from your wedding day?

The zombie reveal and the Chewy noises.

What were you most anxious/nervous about regarding your wedding day and how did it turn out?

Probably the reactions from some of our family members with the ceremony. We were a bit out there–we kinda threw tradition out the door. I was a tad bit worried but at the end of the day it’s about us–we are nerdy and geeky and have tons of inside jokes with our friends and family, and we wanted that in the ceremony, so we had it. Everyone seemed to relax and go with it and, finally, started laughing!

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

It’s your day. Don’t let the opinions of others worry you to death like I did. If someone offers help–take it. There are things that come out of nowhere.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Spend a bit more time on the family photos, or specifically say we want multiples with everyone. We kinda just ran through it. Would’ve liked to have a bit more, but you live and learn. It was nuts weddings always are.

Any tips for future couples on how to prepare for the wedding photos?

Have fun with it. Find a photographer you trust. Like we did. 😉 Someone who won’t laugh in your face about your ideas for YOUR wedding.


Thank you, AT & DJ, for having me at your totally awesome Halloween wedding! Looking for a wedding photographer who gets you and is excited about your wedding day? Of course! Send me a message to get this party started!

Raven is a traveling Atlanta Wedding Photographer who captures real people on their totally unique and completely awesome wedding day. She travels throughout Georgia, including Athens and Dahlonega, documenting love. She also captures destination weddings.

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