Yoga @ Mason Murer

This last week, I got to shoot another yoga session put on by Loclly, sponsored by Lululemon & Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead, and lead by Tough Love Yoga. This time, the yoga class was held at Mason Murer, a super eclectic art gallery off Armour Dr. in Atlanta.

Firstly, I love yoga. I really wish I would stop being so lazy and make it a priority. Because it’s awesome. I even thought about following along with the class while shooting, but then remembered I was wearing jeans, and changed my mind.

Secondly, I always enjoy a challenge. A lot. Artists are terrified of stagnation, and I’m no exception. So I’m always looking for new techniques to try, different ways to shoot similar things, different conditions to shoot under, etc. And while the first yoga class – which was held at the Swan House in Buckhead – was out in the super bright daylight, this class was in a very dim gallery.

Yoga is already somewhat challenging to shoot, because not only do you need to worry about capturing the story in different and interesting ways, but you have to concern yourself with flattering angles of your subjects more so than a wedding or portrait session, where things are more controlled. You also have to focus on not disrupting the moment. Yoga is all about being in your own world and focusing on your breathing, and not everyone can slip into that easily. So, as a photographer, I have to make sure my subjects aren’t concerned with me taking the pictures or being distracted by my movement or my sounds.

Even though I wasn’t technically a part of the class, and I certainly wasn’t performing the moves with everyone else, just being in a room with so much calming energy really relaxed me.  I felt the emotional and mental benefits even without going through the motions.  It was awesome.

Watch for their next yoga event!  They’re free, a ton of fun, and you’ll probably see me there!

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