Roswell Historic Cottage wedding portraits with pink colorful details by Georgia photographer You are RavenThe bride wore pink cat ballet flats.

Quirky bridesmaid photo in animal onesie by Atlanta wedding photographer You are Raven

Most memorable moment from your wedding day?
Matt: Seeing Jade for the first time as she came down the aisle.
Jade: Marrying Matt! We’ve been together for over 10 years, so I didn’t expect it to feel much different. But it did!

Classic bridal portrait of bride in retro lace wedding dress by Georgia photographer You are Raven    Funniest moment on your wedding day?
Matt: Definitely Alex and Brianny (ring bearer and flower girl) panicking and running down the side of the venue instead of walking down the aisle. Jade: I didn’t get to see that part! For me, watching my Uncle Charlie dance for 5 hours straight with literally every lady at the wedding. He was great!

Fun and Quirky wedding portrait of brides wearing animal masks by Atlanta wedding photographer, You are Raven Goofy groomsmen portrait of men wearing fun pink socks and grey suits by Georgia photographer You are RavenWhat were you most anxious or nervous about regarding your wedding day and how did it turn out?Jade is an artist/designer and planned a lot of the look and details herself. She was really worried about letting go on the day of, since there wasn’t much time to set up. Of course, our friends (especially our MOH, Alexandra!), florist, and coordinator pulled everything together perfectly! When it came to the actual day, we were much more worried about actually getting married than any little details. We just enjoyed it!

Wedding cake sampler for wedding at Roswell Historic Cottage. What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Decide what’s most important to you from the start (besides, you know, actually getting married) and try not to sweat the other stuff! For us, we decided to make photography a bigger part of our budget, and we are so glad we did. There’s so much going on during a wedding that it’s impossible to see it all, and even the parts you do see can feel like a dream just weeks later. We’re really happy to have it all captured in such a powerful way. For others, the food might be most important, or the flowers. Try to decide from the start, because once you start browsing Pinterest it will feel like *everything* is vitally important (looking at you, cupcakes vs. cake debacle!)

Roswell Historic Cottage wedding ceremony photos by Atlanta photographer You are RavenRoswell Historic Cottage wedding party portrait wearing animal masks.If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
Matt: I would have arrived 5 minutes earlier to the venue. Jade and I are always on time, so as I pulled up to the venue before the ceremony, I accidentally saw Jade’s back and shouted “oh no!!” as she walked inside. Jade: I would have tried harder to savor things in the present— it really is a blur!

Pink and fuchsia floral bridal bouquet at Roswell Historic Cottage wedding. Goofy and Fun photos of bride and groom at Roswell Historic Cottage wedding. Super fun and quirky wedding photography by Georgia photographer You are Raven. Cat themed wedding with pink ballet flats at Roswell Historic Cottage wedding.Any tips for future couples on how to prepare for their wedding photos?
Don’t think about it too hard! Forget anyone is watching and just experience the day. You don’t need to plan all the details or Google shot lists— that’s what your photographer is for!

Roswell Historic Cottage wedding photography of bride and groom eating cake.   Silhouette night portrait of bride and groom by Atlanta wedding photographer You are Raven.

  • Florist: Camela Barry Floral Design
  • Caterer: Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
  • Cakes/Desserts: Piece of Cake
  • Getting Ready, Ceremony, & Reception Venues: Our House (guys), Roswell Carriage House AirBNB (ladies), Roswell Historic Cottage (venue)
  • DJ/Band/Musicians: DJ Dookie Platters (Scott Morris)
  • Hair Stylist & Make-Up: Melissa Chisman (hair) Harmony Kubiak (makeup)
  • Planner/Coordinator: Soirée South & Co
  • Attire/Clothing: BHLDN, Express
  • Accessories/Jewelry: Charlotte Olympia (shoes)
  • Rings: D Geller (engagement) Artemer (hers) Woodlife Jewelry(his)
  • Other: Cake Topper : MelaboWed

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