Victoria & Timmy are weird and hilarious and really, really, REALLY fun. When they came up to Atlanta, we had a fully hilarious and nontraditional engagement session planned. We focused on their sense of humor and how they are together, which is a huge ball of laughs.

When we were making plans together, they let me know what they did and did not want for their pictures. They didn’t want anything overly romantic or serious that didn’t feel like them, because that’s not what their love looks like. So we came up with the silliest and weirdest ideas we could. We did cheesy poses, we pretended Victoria was a dog fetching a stick that Timmy threw, we skipped and jumped off things and did the Dirty Dancing lift {REALLY WELL, btw}, and then we went for drinks at a nearby fancy French restaurant.

The entire session was filled with laughter, and we all had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard when we went through the finished images together.

Their wedding is next May and I can only imagine what we’ll come up with for that. Oh man, Victoria & Timmy, thank you so, so much.

^This face, y’all.

^Victoria loves martinis.

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