Raves And Reviews

Diana & Joey, Wedding Clients, December 2011 & Family Session Clients, December 2013 – Full Review

Aside from my choice in groom, using Raven as our wedding photographer was the best decision I made! Raven and her second shooter, Nick, put everyone at ease from the moment they arrived. In addition to her easy going and professional demeanor, she takes AMAZING photographs – they’re beautiful, artistic, creative and so full of emotion. Reliving our wedding day through our photos made me love and appreciate the entire experience even more. I’m forever grateful!

Alyson, Portrait Client, June 2013 – Full Review

After looking through Raven’s testimonials, I’m not sure there’s much more that I can say about Raven as a photographer. So instead, let me tell you what I know about her as a person:

I met Raven Shutley at my very first job ever. She was the assistant supervisor of the photography department. I liked her from the moment I met her. She soon received a promotion to supervisor. I was blessed to work for Raven for about two years, and during that time, solidify a life-long friendship. She has always been a wonderful photographer with a passion for the creative side of life and an ability to see beauty in what others often overlook.

I have now had the pleasure of working with Raven as a professional photographer not once, but twice. I’m not a person who enjoys being in front of a camera, but Raven has a way of making me forget that there is a camera present. She sets me at ease and makes me laugh, resulting in natural and happy pictures.

I have told Raven multiple times, and so I feel it’s appropriate to tell you: my favorite pictures of myself have all been taken by Raven. Any time I need a photographer for anything, it’s never a question for me: I will always hire Raven. She is immensely talented, deeply creative, and awesomely personal. She loves her job and she will love you. And you will love her. I promise.

Vic & Josh, Wedding Clients, October 2012 – Full Review

When my husband and I started planning our wedding, we had a very specific idea of what we wanted. Basically, we wanted it to be crazy, sporadic, and exploding with the things we love and with no real theme. Like any bride, I was very picky with everything from the wedding favors (robot ornaments) to the song we walked down the aisle to (Radiohead, anyone?). The only thing we really did not care about was the food, so hopefully everyone enjoyed their Sonny’s BBQ, haha. We planned our entire wedding in 6 months and it was everything we had in mind.

But there was one thing that pushed our wedding day beyond what we could have imagined… Thank you Raven Shutley! We had spent forever searching for the perfect photographer. I kept finding these companies or individuals that offered what everyone else was offering, which did not stand out to us. We did not want just normal, everyday photos. We wanted something that stood out, that our friends and family could look at and say, “that screams Josh and Vic”.

Asking Raven to join us for our special day was by far the best decision we made. Not only did she offer her help in every way possible, but she was so flexible and it was obvious she cared about us, what we wanted, and what she knew she could do for us. She took such a weight off of us and we were able to enjoy our evening without stopping to pose for pictures or worry about which moments were being captured and which were missed. She was also able to take two incredibly awkward “models” and help us feel as natural as possible.

Raven is by far the most talented, professional, and whimsical photographer we spoke to during our search and we are both grateful for every moment that she captured for us. Thank you, Raven, you are amazing!

Sheri Bagheri

We had a wonderful time with Raven! She made us feel super comfortable and we had fun during our photoshoot! We were able to be our authentic selves with her, and she had some tricks for getting some great shots of us! We were so pleased with the results and would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer that really cares about capturing genuine moments. Thanks, Raven!

Erin Anastasia Rauch

My boyfriend and I had an amazing experience shooting with Raven. Rather than posing us for each shot or simply leaving us to our own devices, she gave wonderful prompts that allowed my boyfriend and I to interact with one another genuinely while she captured our reactions to one another. The resulting photos were MAGICAL. I feel like she truly captured our joy and delight in one another. Nothing about our shoot felt forced or contrived. It was an absolute blast. Raven makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She’s encouraging and positive. I definitely recommend her as a photographer!!

Katie Wright

Raven’s work is stunning! She is easy to work with and made my husband and me feel 100% comfortable infront of the camera. We did engagement and wedding photos with Raven. She captured true happiness and our personalities in every shot. Our pictures turned out better than we could have imagined and I can’t wait to work with her in the furture!