Most memorable moment from your wedding day?

Our first look and taking pictures with our families before the wedding. It was so nice to have that time to be together before the ceremony and with our families, plus it helped calm our nerves and let us spend more time with our guests during cocktail hour!

Funniest moment on your wedding day?

I (Jess) was supposed to take a limo to the venue from our hotel with my parents and one of the videographers. When we got to the limo, our driver had to jump it because the battery was dead! He got it going, but we only went about a hundred feet or so before it died again, and for good this time. So I ended up ordering an Uber to get to my own wedding! The limo driver was extremely nice and apologetic about it, and being in downtown DC it only took a few minutes to get a car at the hotel. All I could do was laugh about it; it wasn’t the end of the world and made for a good story to tell our guests at the reception!

What were you most anxious or nervous about regarding your wedding day and how did it turn out?

We were most worried about all of the moving parts involved in executing a wedding coming together and happening on time and in the right order. We had a relatively small (65 people) and relatively straightforward wedding, but we still had so many vendors to coordinate and so many little things that needed to happen. We were also concerned about whether our guests would have a good time; one of the most important things to us was that people had fun at the wedding! But it turned out we needn’t have worried on either count. Everything went off without a hitch (or if there were any hitches, our day-of coordinator didn’t tell us about them!) and we’ve heard from so many of our guests that they had such a good time.

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Above all else, figure out the things that are most important to YOU, not what the wedding industry or bridal magazines tell you should be important, and prioritize your budget accordingly. If you don’t care about things like having gold foil-pressed invitations, don’t have them! We didn’t have a bridal party, a single multi-tier cake, a full open bar, or a bouquet or garter toss, but we did have a string quartet playing Star Wars, a reading from Obergefell vs Hodges, and a ton of bistro string lights. Your wedding is your wedding. Adhere to the traditions you like, and create your own in place of those you don’t. You will still be legally married if you don’t wear white or don’t serve steak!

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

We would stress less about whether people would like our wedding. As alluded to above, we didn’t have a 100% traditional wedding, but nobody missed the things we skipped and everyone had a great time! And I (Jess) would put less pressure on myself whenever we had to make a wedding-related decision about whether people would enjoy our wedding.

Any tips for future couples on how to prepare for their wedding photos?

First, take your couple and family photos before the ceremony. This is when your hair and makeup look the best anyway, and you won’t be stressed about trying to cram in all the photos during the cocktail hour! Second, don’t be afraid to get more than one hair or makeup trial if you’re not sure about how your first one turned out. I had two hair trials to make sure I really looked the way I wanted to on my wedding day and I am so glad I did. And third, get engagement photos if your budget allows it. Engagement photos really help you get more comfortable being photographed, and it gives you more time to get to know your photographer.


Raven is an Atlanta Wedding Photographer who captures real people on their totally unique and completely awesome wedding day. She travels throughout Georgia, including Athens and Dahlonega and beyond, documenting love.

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