Laken & Dane married not too long ago at all at an amazing and dreamy venue called Dunaway Gardens. They chose this venue for their wedding for a variety of reasons, and some of the biggest reasons were how it looked. This place is gorgeous with tons of plant life, flowers, trees, and greenery. It looks like you’ve walked straight into a fairy tale. After their rainy and chilly October wedding last year, we decided we hadn’t gotten the best out of the venue. So headed back out a few months later to really let the place shine.

Dunaway Gardens Portrait Session

Their wedding theme was dark fairytale, and between the venue looking the way it does and this couple looking the way THEY do, they completely killed this shoot. It was one of the dreamiest and loveliest shoots I’ve been a part of, and was a complete pleasure.  I adore all the rainy and dark shots we got on wedding day. But, man, I am glad we went back out for round two! Talk about two contrasting shoots.

I scouted a bit before our shoot, having only explored a little of the venue on wedding day, and found tons of spots to use. We only used about half of the spots I had found! And, even that was less than half of the amazing spots on the property! I’d love to return here, especially in a different season since I know it’ll look completely different every time I go back! Plus shooting different couples in the same locations always yields different results, just by the virtue of them being different people!

Dunaway Gardens is such a fantastic venue, especially for anything fairytale or garden-themed, and I can’t wait to shoot there again. Thank you, Laken & Dane, for always being up for anything and for being such gorgeous dark hearts.

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