Something you should know about me: I’m slightly obsessed with carnivals.  Mostly in literature, but I digress.  I was an English major in college, and my thesis was 50+ pages on the significance of the carnival in literature.  No, seriously.  That was the title: “From Carnival to Lent: Carnivals in Literature, Film, and Television Series.”

The carnival is, especially in Southern literature, is an agent of change.  They represent magic in a world so obsessed with science.  There’s a reason that kids dream of running away with the circus: it represents possibility, a fresh start, a chance.

So I think it’s absolutely fabulous that Lane & Patrick chose Glen Echo Park – a former carnival and now artists’ community – as the setting for their reception.  What better to represent their movement forward into the next stage of their life together?

Amazing.  🙂

{This was actually the second time I’d been to Virginia in three weeks to shoot weddings, though the first time with Nick {the partner/boyfriend/beau/etc.}.  And somehow, even though the weddings were in completely different places, our GPS took me the exact route I’d driven during the day of the last wedding.  WEIRD.  But super cool, because I got to take Nick by where we ate breakfast that morning, where the bride had her hair and make-up done, and even by the venue!  All COMPLETELY by chance.  Funny!}

Lane & Patrick’s wedding started at her church, just outside of DC in Olde Town Alexandria {super awesome area}, then moved to Glen Echo Park, where they had the carousel turned on for a while, and the reception was in the bumper car pavilion.  I know, right?!  AWESOME.

And there was SO much awesome DIY done by Lane, Patrick, and their families. Her dad did all the flowers. An aunt did the cupcakes {and so many!}.

Lane & Patrick, thank you SO MUCH for having us. You guys are an AWESOME, SUPER FUN couple, and I wish you ALL the best.


Thank you, Lane & Patrick. 🙂


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