Instead of closing with a thank you to the bride and groom, I’m going to open with one. Because I want it to be the first thing that they see and that everyone else sees for this wedding.

THANK YOU, Maru & Michael. Thank you for being SO awesome, and thank you for inviting us to your wedding.

Maru was recommended to me from one of my brides from last year {who has recently started a journey into wedding photography herself, so let that speak on how much she likes me}. She and I bonded almost instantly.

We started the day at Phipps Plaza, at Carter Barnes, possibly the swankiest salon I’ve ever been walked into. They’re not hair stylists. They’re HAIR ARTISANS. And they live up to the hype. Because Maru is very into swimming, she picked out a wedding dress reminiscent of a 1940’s bathing suit {I know, right?!}, and a hairstyle to match, complete with finger waves along her hairline.

We found a make-up artist at Trisha McEvoy, after walking through tons of make-up and perfume counters, and let me just tell you. Before entering this mall, I was blissfully unaware that Prada, Dooney & Bourke, and a billion other too-expensive-to-look-at designers even had stores, much less stores that I could walk into. Not that they’d want me, and not that I’m hugely interested—HOWEVER, it’s there if I ever change my mind. Had no idea they actually had physical stores. Thought it was a secret clubhouse or something.

After grabbing lunch, Alumni Intern Jessica, {then current} Intern Tricia, and I headed over to the Georgia Tech Alumni House, where the ceremony and reception were to take place.

Maru & Michael’s unity ceremony? They each sewed a stitch on a quilt she has been working on. He’s the only other person she’s ever let work on the quilt.

Can you handle the awesomeness?

Oh, and after their first kiss, the couple exited under a saber arch, Maru was swatted on the butt with a saber {surprise!} and welcomed to the corps.

I hadn’t gotten a chance to meet the groom until that day, and happily I discovered that he was equally as fantastic as Maru.  The two led me on a mini-tour of the Tech campus – another new place for me! – and we took pictures of Maru shoving Michael into the library return box, both of them humping the steam engine, and incredibly cheesy “Oh darling, look at that!” shots.

There was tons of dancing, awesome food and décor by A Divine Event, speeches, and cups of cake. Not a whole cake, not cupcakes, but CUPS OF CAKE. Angel food with whipped crème and berries, might I add.

Yeah, it was awesome. They are awesome. And yes, the elderly lady who caught the bouquet and held it above her head like a prize fighter with the championship belt was also awesome.

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