I’ve shot with Kellie & her brother Nick for sibling portraits a handful of times in the past, and it’s always a complete pleasure. Because the last session we designed together was very stylized and posed, we wanted this one to be loose, fast, colorful, and silly. Both of these sessions were a present for their mother, and each showed off a side of Kellie’s & Nick’s personality and made a statement about where they were in their lives at the time, which is very important to me when building and photographing a session.

We chose to shoot on a local playground, one that Kellie & her brother have both frequented in the past. The first half of the shoot was dedicated to the playground: being completely weird and goofy and really bringing out their inner playful children, while the second half was dedicated to hurling colored powder at each other.

Our last sibling session together, Alice in Wonderland-themed: https://youareraven.com/alice-in-wonderland-portrait-session-dacula/

Kellie’s Hunger Games-inspired portrait session: https://youareraven.com/moxie-session-atlanta-portrait-photographer/

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