I’ve been in the photography industry for around 7 years, now, and I’ve shot just about everything.

I had a stint as Santa’s helper at the mall and took pictures of kids with the jolly ole’ elf, I’ve worked the mobile daycare set-up, and I’ve worked for a fast food photography company.

All of these experiences have helped shape me, helped me decide what I did and did not want to be a part of my style, my philosophy.

Here are the basic things that are so important to me.


When I book a session with you, I book it WITH YOU.  No time constraints dictated by another session that day, because – aside from mini-session days – I only book one session per day, and I give you my full attention.  My sessions are typically 2 hrs long, with the exception of newborns and families.  Newborns tend to be a little longer, to account for break times, etc.  Family & young children’s sessions tend to be a little shorter, depending on if break/play time is given in the middle.


I’ve been a photographer for 7 years.  I’ve had a variety of training, and I’m completely open about my past, my experience, and my portfolio.  The work that you see on my site is my work.  All of the shots were taken by me, unless otherwise noted {like in the inspiration posts, for example}.  My portfolio is available for everyone to see.

I love meeting clients, and I’m more than happy to meet up with you before our session.  Before we’re booked, even!  And not only is my schedule super flexible, I work around YOUR schedule, not the other way around.

All of my session are custom-designed to the couple or family or person.   All the way from the shooting to the editing to the album design, everything is based on the feelings I receive from and the personality of the clients.  I always, ALWAYS discuss what you’re looking for in your session, build you a Pinboard of inspiration, consult my stylist about what you should wear given the time of year, location, and your personality, and shoot differently with every client I have, depending on what their style is.  People aren’t all the same.  And I don’t treat them like they are.

During my shoots, we either pick somewhere we can have some privacy, or we make sure that neither you nor I can see the other people around us.  Even extra people who came to the shoot but aren’t in the images are sequestered to the side so I can have the subject’s complete attention for that moment.  This is also another reason I LOVE shooting in clients’ homes.


My shooting style tends toward the photojournalistic, lifestyle, & candid with a bit of glam fashion.  I’m all about capturing who you are as a person.  Real, honest, and natural.

My retouching and editing style is very natural and light.  The trend right now tends toward a more heavy-handed edit in an attempt at looking “vintage,” but that’s not my style.  My images are lightly vintage, lightly edited.  The last thing I want anyone to notice is the editing or retouching.  I want it to stay quiet and in the background, not be the first thing you see in the image.



For some people, my philosophy doesn’t match up with theirs, and that’s perfectly fine.  They prefer being treated like a number, having very formal and stiff posing and smiles, and getting the same images as the person who came in before them.  Those types of people aren’t my clients, and I’m thrilled for them that they have found what makes them happy.

My clients, however, know that they and their families are amazing and unique, and deserve better.

They want a personalized and custom session.  Custom images that don’t look like anyone else’s, that aren’t run-of-the-mill, that are beautiful and full of life and laughter.  They want a photographer who treats them well, who falls in love with their family, who wants to remain friends long after the session is over, who makes you laugh, whom you have FUN with.

And that’s exactly what I do.

Much love to all of my clients, past, present, and future.  You’re all absolutely outstanding and incredible people.  Thank you all so, so much.

Images from a recent headshot session with Miranda of Redress Style Consulting.

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