Cosplay photography is the best mix of a styled shoot and a portrait session. It’s like being a part of a play or attending a mini convention. I love cosplay photography for so many reasons, and I’d love to do more!

I design these sessions much the same as my portrait sessions: I questions, I gather information, and we design the scenes. The only differences are that you’re inhabiting another person instead of being yourself and there’s more posing. We WANT that otherworldly and not-quite-real feeling, that larger-than-life aspect.

This session of cosplay photography was designed around a DragonAge group of Grey Wardens {who also happen to be two couples}. I focus on their dynamic as a group, their interconnections with the other people in the group, the couples themselves, and scenes that would make sense from a game session. I love focusing on the details of the costuming and really showing off the abilities of the creators!

I had a BLAST, as always, shooting this crew. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of them before, too! Check out this post-apocalyptic¬†Avengers cosplay session and this album cover portrait session for Voices of Virtue!

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